About Us

Urban Star TV

Welcome to Urban Star Media,  My name is Chief Minko Yakaba, I’m an American Aborigine and Urban Star Tv is a  network that’s devoted to building communities of Color, Spiritually, Mentally and Physically by changing our narrative from a bastard people to a divinely inspired people. I use the word bastard to describe a people who have been stripped of there culture as a product of war and captivity. As the historical facts and records concerning the so called American Negro has been deliberately distorted to perpetual displace the so called American Negro into a landless space, our ultimate aim and objective is to shed light on the true fact’s concerning our people and to inspire then to greatness. The true understanding is that we are aboriginal to the Earth and we have populated the Earth many moons ago and our bloodline have no boundaries. We must reclaim our place as a part of the human family and work toward building a brighter future for our descendants through the knowledge and science of occupying our own space

Urban Star TV   Bringing positive reality to Internet TV. Serving the Urban community by giving it a platform to shine while changing the perception of our reality to our Positive Truth.

Urban Business Marketing Strategy:

One of Urban Star TV purposes is to shed light on the Urban Community, helping small urban businesses to get the proper exposure to enable them to stay in business and prosper.

Our Urban Star TV Street Team strategically encompass the business locations of our clients within our reality internet tv series.  A tailor made business interview, along with incorporating our clients business within our reality internet tv skit’s to shed a positive light on our clients business culture and establishment.

Giving The Community A Light To Shine

Our Street Team is dedicated to highlighting the positive programs and activities within the Urban Community. “Urban Star TV” is the property and product of the Trubian Village cultural community. Trubian means, a child of Truth, a way of redefining ourselves within our own reality.