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The Artist Showcase Collective

If you are an artist and would like to participate as a member, please register and activate a membership at least two weeks before you would like to perform. We are looking for artists who are serious about their art-craft, Singers, Rappers, Poets, Dancers, Bands, Comedians, Actor’s, Writers, Journalist, Film Directors, Content Editors (Music, Videos an Written Word) . As a positive Cultural movement we are interested in art work that is respectfully, tasteful, thought provoking, positive and motivating in nature. We are Nation Builders, working to redevelop a new social cultural infrastructure as we use our artistry to paint the picture.

The Art Collective is an Urban Star Media performing arts program and platform that gives our art community an exclusive advantage by having their own network that displays, promotes and market their artistry. This is ideal for independent artist.

The Art Collective has a built in system of artist participation, from orientation, paid artist membership, artist development workshop, volunteer service and payed service.


Artist / Actors / Models 

All forms of artistry & entertainment are welcome.

Writers / Journalist 

All forms of writers are welcome

Visual Artist/Craft Artist 

All forms visual arts and crafts

Techs / Photographers / Videographers

Audio, Video, Computer

Online Registration is free however, to be a registered member with membership benefits one must have an active membership subscription below.


Register with us by filling out the form below.

Artist Registration

Membership Benefits:

All active members have full access to the Urban Star Media network for marketing and promotions. Each member gets a sub-domain to showcase content which is connect to the Urban Star Media Community App. The sub-domain has merchant ability to sell downloads, audio, video, written materials, visual arts, craft works and all forms of merchandise. Each member is

also given the opportunity to host their own radio show, produce their own internet TV show, and other content on the Urban star Media network. Your paid membership also provides access to industry professional consulting for your artistry or brand.

Before Membership is fully activated all members must have an active membership subscription below .