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Online Registration is free however, to be a registered member with membership benefits one must have an active membership subscription below.

If you are an artist and would like to participate as a member, please register and activate a subscription at least two weeks before you would like to perform. We are looking for artists who are serious about their art-craft, Singers, Rappers, Poets, Dancers, Bands, Comedians, Actor’s, Writers, Journalist, Film Directors, Content Editors (Music, Videos an Written Word) . As a positive Cultural movement we are interested in art work that is respectfully, tasteful, thought provoking, positive and motivating in nature. We are Nation Builders, working to redevelop a new social cultural infrastructure as we use our artistry to paint the picture.

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Artist Registration

Membership Benefits:

All full active members have full access to the Trubian Village media network to market and promote themselves. Each member gets a sub-domain to promote themselves and their content with merchant ability to sell downloads, audio, video & written materials. Also each members is give the opportunity to host their own radio show and produce their own internet TV show or content on our network.

Before Membership is fully activated all members must have an active membership subscription below .