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Urban Star Media 

Urban Star Media, a community platform that speaks to and for the Urban Community, covering all your needs from your spirit to your soul to your ultimate goal. We are here to serve you, if you are an Artist, event promoter or business owner, we have services for you.

If you have content you would like to promote we have a platform for you, Urban Star Media, be connected.

A place that represents the diversity within the Urban Community. No red tape, join our family and get connected to a platform where you can peruse your dreams, from entrepreneurship to artistry, we are a community that supports each other.




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Monthly Sponsorship Packages Level I Sponsorship: One Month of Service: $375 Business ad ...
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Urban Star Media enhances the connection between traditional media platforms combined with new inn...
Las Vegas Event Vendors
  Non-Profit Vendors are announced at event and given a space for a six foot table. All ...
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Urban Star Radio Advertisement SCOPE OF AGREEMENT Publication of specified audio and banner adv...
Radio Product
CENTOVA CAST V.3.X FOR ALL OUR RADIO HOSTING OFFERS Centova Cast v3 is the culmination of...
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Package #1 Package #2 Package #3 Package #4 Urban Star ...


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  • Contact us on the detail given below

  • Phone: +877 202 6640
  • Email: info@urbanstartv.com
  • Website: http://urbanstartv.com